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Meet The Team

Elle McHugh

Creative Movement Specialist

BA (Hons) Dance

PGCE Dance



Rebecca Evers

Drama Specialist

BA (Hons) Drama

PGCE Drama

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We are Rebecca and Elle, friends and colleagues from Norwich and Manchester, using our skills and expertise in Performing Arts (PA) to break down the misconceptions surrounding Performing Arts, and the benefits it has in a school environment.

We are both qualified teachers (PGCE) and Performing Arts Consultants, previously working with schools and education businesses to improve PA provision.

We have a passion for creative learning and using PA skills to explore a range of learning styles.
We don’t want a child’s creative experience to be limited to a street dance class, or the school nativity.

With our courses, training and qualifications we offer so much more.

We deliver high quality bespoke creative learning experiences for children at both primary and secondary level, with a focus on curriculum development.

Our school and business Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training events show PA and non-PA specialists how beneficial PA can be within a school environment and for the development of our children.

We believe PA can be used as an additional learning style and as a continuation of classroom learning.




We've already received so much guidance and support from Elle. Dance was always a tough subject but she has transformed my opinion on dance and I am really enjoying delivering expressive learning!

Adam Holland, Progressive Sports

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