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Creative Learning CPD

Course overview

  • How to create, develop & deliver a curriculum PA SOW

  • Practical games and activities

  • Appropriate topics for every age group

  • Development and progression of a lesson plan

  • Creative learning approaches

  • Understanding PA terminologies and definitions 

  • Improve confidence and overall understanding of PA

  • Practical ideas on how to incorporate Extra-curricular PA into a whole school environment

 Full Day

Full days training in your school with any number of staff members


 Half Day

Half days training in your school with any number of staff members


Training is divided into 1-2 hour weekly sessions over a half term

Price dependant on number of sessions booked

Twilight sessions

Pupil Workshops

Curriculum Development Workshops

Our Curriculum workshops support all year groups to learn and discover any curriculum topic. The workshops can come at the start of a topic to engage children, throughout their learning to support a practical approach, or at the end to reinforce what they have learnt.

Our workshops approach any topic through practical inclusive engagement.

Example topics-

-Victorians           -Roald Dahl

-Space                - The World


Mental Health & Emotional Resilience 

This interactive workshop, suitable for any year group, uses performing arts creative learning approaches to re-engage children to learning. 

Together we explore pathways leading back to the love of learning and supporting mental/emotional resilience. 

Our workshops are suitable for whole classes or year groups, or for smaller focus groups. 

Kids with Capes

 Secondary -        Employability, Mindset and Body Image

Our specially designed workshops for Secondary Education cover a range of topics to support young adults in their onward journey.

Ranging from Employability skills, Career pathways, Personal Mindset and Body Image, our workshops use a range of practical real life scenario style approaches to prepare students for what life can throw at them. Together we explore practicals solutions and ideas.

Session can be with larger classes or year groups or work with focus groups. Sessions can be weekly, stand alone or work progressively with a group over a half term. 


Post It

 Full Day

Full day pupil workshop

9:30am- 2:30pm


 Half Day

Half day pupil workshop

9:30am- 12pm or

1pm- 2:30pm