Business Support

At Creative Minds we support Educational Businesses who work with schools and within the community, to improve the overall Performing Arts Provision available in Educational settings. 

Our successful business support package focuses on 7 individual sessions, working directly with you and your staff to support the growth and development of the Creative Learning side of your business.

Each session is 3 hours long. All sessions are possible as remote learning sessions, but we advise where possible to have at least Session 2 face to face as an opportunity to meet your team and check the previous learning.

Sessions can be purchased in any order, to suit your individual needs.


Session 1-

Creative Learning sales and growth 

-To understand ‘The Product’ you are selling

-To be able to confidently refer to its benefits

-To know your customers needs and how your 'product' can help

-To identify a plan of action to drive sales forward



Session 2-

Creative Learning Masterclass

-To feel confident to deliver a quality Creative Learning lesson

-To take part in a range of practical activities to equip staff with ideas for lessons

-To understand Movement and Drama technical language



Session 3-

Understanding Creative Learning (Twilight for your schools)

1/2 session for internal staff

1/2 session as Twilight for your schools

-To understand the benefits of curriculum Movement and Drama

-To understand how Creative Learning is aligned to children's well-being

-To explore the benefits Creative Learning has on ALL children 

-How Creative Minds can help schools to embed successful Creative Learning provision


Session 4-

Resources & Schemes of Work 

-To be able to create and adapt a SOW /Lesson plan to suit any topic or Key Stage.

-To understand Movement and Drama technical language 

-To understand the benefits of having Curriculum Dance as a teaching tool in a school


Session 5-

Quality Assurance & Staff Development

-Understand how to track staff growth and set KPIs in Creative Learning delivery 

-Know how to assess staff delivering a Creative Learning lesson

-Understand how to improve staff quality delivering Creative Learning

-Explore recruitment options for Creative Learning staff 


Session 6-

How to embed Creative Learning throughout a school year

-To understand the benefits of creative learning as a teaching tool for ALL children to succeed in learning 

-To learn Why, What and How Creative learning can be delivered in the curriculum 

-To feel confident to approach a school with a Creative Learning curriculum plan offer


Session 7-

PA Lead growth plan

-To discuss and plan tasks set in previous sessions

-To explore staff growth plan and set challenges for staff

-To create an annual PA growth plan covering Quality Assurance, Sales, Social Media Marketing and Resources


Package offer

Package price £2,100- When all 7 sessions are pre-booked and delivered within a 9 month period. (sessions can be invoiced for individually)

Here are some of the amazing businesses we have already trained.....



“We chose to work with Creative Minds to cover all areas of the curriculum, and upskill our existing team to deliver high quality creative learning, to ensure we maintain the consistent staffing in schools. There is a barrier associated with ‘dance’, and we are now able to remove the barriers, explain ways to use creative movements and incorporate creative learning into the yearly plan, based on classroom topics and lessons.”

Adam Holland,
Managing Director,
Progressive Sports Derby.
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