School CPD

Within our schools training we work together to understand the benefits of embedding Creative Learning into your school, we support you with planning and developing high quality Creative Learning lessons, and improve overall staff confidence in Creative Learning delivery.


Training uses a blend of theory and practical techniques, demonstrating how to use stimulus and resources, and how to incorporate Creative Learning strategies into every aspect of school life.

Listed on this page are the School CPD training we currently offer. 


How to embed Creative Learning into your school through Drama & Creative Movement

This training will explore how to embed Creative Learning throughout every aspect of the curriculum and through the school year. From intervention groups to wrap around care and enrichment days - teachers will feel equipped with ideas, resources and confidence to reach every child with every need with Creative Learning. 

Full day - Unlimited staff numbers £500

Half day -Unlimited staff numbers £300

The benefits of Creative Learning

Remote Twilight (1.5hours) Unlimited staff numbers


This course intends to inform its attendees on the many benefits creative learning has on children. We will discuss how creative learning encompasses the four strands of well being along with many other benefits. 

Art Class

Mental Health & Performing Arts

This course will share relevant and current issues to explore with key stages, along with ideas for stimulus and activities allowing the children to feel safe in their learning environment. 

Half day- Unlimited staff numbers



​ To encompass a kinaesthetic method of learning; over a half term we will share sections of our learning resource and teachers will not only feel confident in what they are delivering but they will take control and begin to embed Creative Learning strategies and approaches naturally into their own practise. 

Team Teaching

6 sessions over a half term

Price based on length of session and staff numbers

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